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Later-Is BP’s Announced $30 Billion Asset Sale Another Blunder?

July 27th, 2000

T’Mow on Credit Trends: Why It Would Be Unwise For Firms to Boost Dividends

July 26th, 2000

Ken Hackel Featured on Canada’s Business News Network

July 26th, 2000

Tomorrow I will be appearing on Canada’s BNN (Business News Network) at appx. 11:20 am. est. , taking place at the NASDAQ.

You can see the my full interview on BNN  here (beginning at approximately 03:45) or a shortened webcast version here.

Coming Next-Getting an Edge Over Those $1MM+ Salary Wall Street Analysts

July 24th, 2000

Coming Later-Executive Metrics-Should Steve Ballmer be Fired?

July 23rd, 2000

Upcoming Interview on CNBC’s The Call

July 22nd, 2000

Ken Hackel will discuss whether or not buybacks are good for shareholders on tomorrow’s show (Friday, July 23) at 11:20 a.m. (ET).  He will be interviewed by Melissa Francis and Larry Kudlow.