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Just read comments sent to me–sorry haven’t seen before

May 27th, 2019

Didn’t realize how many of you enjoyed our previous works on this site. Just read comments, some of which were years old.


Unfortunately, more recent works are for the benefit of our research clients, all of whom are very high NW or institutional in nature.


We will, from time to time, distill some of our analysis a week or two after client receipt, and post here.


Sorry haven’t kept this up-to date; suggest you look at my twitter account (@credittrends), though there I post on a variety of topics, many baseball related as well as finance—as you will see I am a big Yankee fan


Lastly, I would urge you read my last book, “Security Valuation and Risk Analysis,” after which I am sure you will rarely listen to analysts or other gang of idiots you see on CNBC. They have NO idea of the scores of items behind each line entry in the published financial statements. And in most cases, neither do their CFO’s



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