CT Capital LLC

CT Capital LLC is a registered institutional investment advisory firm.  It was established to manage US equity portfolios and provide consulting services to large investment firms based upon the value-oriented (free cash flow) investment strategy Kenneth Hackel developed and implemented at Systematic Financial Management, Inc (SFM), and the pioneering work developed since his departure relating to return on invested capital (based on free cash flow) and a more accurately defined capital base,and the  cost of equity capital (the discount rate applied to those cash flows).

As founder (in 1983) of SFM, Kenneth implemented his free cash flow-based investment philosophy in running approximately $2.0 Billion for institutional investors across multiple US equity investment disciplines.  Following the sale of the firm in 1995, and Kenneth’s departure in 1996, he has continued to work on multiple research projects, especially related to defining an appropriate cost of equity capital.

CT Capital’s value-oriented investment strategy provides conservative portfolio management based upon the firm’s proprietary research methodology that quantitatively determines the attractiveness of a company based upon its free cash flow, credit analysis, ROIC, and cost of capital and valuation characteristics.  The evaluation of risk, as set forth via our comprehensive credit model and worksheeets, is at least half the evaluation process.

For information about CT Capital or this site, please do not hesiate to contact us.

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