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Moody’s Stealing Our Name !!!!!!!!

October 24th, 2020

Some 25 or so years ago we took the name Credit Trends and in 2002 took the website you see here.

Some years ago I called someone at Moody’s and asked them to refrain from using our name, and assumed they would do so, as they started using the name in 2007, as seen by the Wayback Machine web site.

I see they continue to use the name and as a result of their size, are shown on top of search sites like Google.  The USPTO  granted Moody’s a trademark for Credit Trends many years after we began usage

When applying for a trademark they were required to undergo a search to see if the name was being used for a similar purpose. For example, they could be granted a trademark for a Credit Trends dog food or funeral home but NOT for credit information or related business.

Obviously, both they and the US Patent and Trademark failed in this regard.

We are now asking the USPTO to have Moody’s trademark removed and that Moody’s stop using the name Credit Trends of Moody’s Credit Trends, and if not intend to file a lawsuit against Moody’s


Kenneth Hackel, CFA


Credit Trends

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