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Report on Bed Bath & Beyond (BBBY) Available

March 25th, 2013 Comments off

There is plenty about BBBY  investors do not understand or account for in their valuation of the firm

Our report is available for the introductory price of $2500. If you are interested, please contact CT Capital LLC

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For a Real Edge, Calculate Free Cash Flow Correctly

March 13th, 2013 Comments off

Free Cash Flow- Must adjust for misclassifications, extraordinary and one-time items and other expenses and events not properly accounted for in either the income statement, statement of cash flows, or footnotes. Examples would be pension over (underfunding), interest, taxes, payment to non-controlling interests, capital leases, moral obligations and overspending in discretionary areas.

If you are unsure how to accomplish this, buy the text to your right

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February 2013 Investment Review-Abridged Version

March 3rd, 2013 Comments off


Sorry, the full version is sent to clients of CT Capital LLC. For information, please see


February 2013 Monthly Review-General Distribution

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